• Subscribe to DS2DIO: week, a Master Choreographer will teach you an incredible routine. nnTo see Part 1, click here: see the mirrored version of this instructional, click here: week Aakomon teaches a combination featuring some of his choreography from Usher's "OMG" and Jason Derulo's "Don't Wanna Go Home" music videos, mixed in with a few extra moves!nnHEADS UP DISPLAY: Use the navigation bar at the top of the screen to see your progress through the class - click on any number to jump straight to that 8 count. nnREMEMBER TO WARM UP: Warm up, give yourself enough space, and stay hydrated before giving it a try. Then post a video response of yourself doing the routine once you have it down - you might get feedback directly from the choreographer!nnGET FEEDBACK:nn1) RECORD A VIDEOnnWhen you're ready, record yourself doing the routine for a chance at direct feedback from our Master Choreographer.nn2) DOWNLOAD THE DS2DIO LOGOnnTo help us search through all the videos, download the DS2DIO logo from this link and put it in front of your video for priority consideration: UPLOAD TO YOUTUBEnnUpload your video to YouTube and then post it as a video response below.nnABOUT AAKOMON JONES: Aakomon Jones is a creative director and choreographer who has made up some of the coolest moves ever to hit the stage and screen. He has worked with the biggest stars in the industry, including Usher, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Justin Timberlake. He sits down with host Galen Hooks to discuss his work, his secret desire to be a professional whistler and the timeless art of being smooth.nnLearn more about MASTERCLASS in our featurette with Host/Consulting Producer Galen Hooks: here to follow Galen: EPISODES every FRIDAY at 10AM PST featuring:nnBRIAN FRIEDMANnJAMAL SIMSnFATIMA ROBINSONnWADE ROBSONnTRAVIS PAYNEnMARGUERITE DERRICKSnJAMAICA CRAFTnMARTY KUDELKAnTINA LANDONnAAKOMON "AJ" JONESnnAnd get all the latest DS2DIO updates here:nnFacebook: @DS2DIOnn----------------------------------------------------------------------------------nnMASTERCLASS LEGENDS: AAKOMON JONES CREDITSnnEXECUaTIVE PRODUCERSnJon M. ChunHieu HonnEXECUTIVE PRODUCERSnChristina FergusonnRyan LandelsnnCONSULTING PRODUCERnGalen HooksnnDIRECTED BYnRyan LandelsnnDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYnAndrew WaruszewskinnPRODUCTION DESIGNERnEffney GardeannEDITED BYnHerbert BennettnnnHOSTnGalen HooksnnSTARRINGnAakomon "AJ" JonesnnFEATURINGnAva BernstinenMarc InnissnnnLINE PRODUCERnJennie Yamakinn1ST ASSISTANT DIRECTORnJeremy PhoenixnnPRODUCTION COORDINATORSnJoe MoorenKimberly CohrsnnPRODUCTION COORDINATORS - DS2DIOnMadison AinleynHanna WalickinnCAMERA OPERATORSnChris BurgonnKevin PhamnnCAMERA OPERATOR/JIB OPERATORnSteve SimmonsnnDIGITAL IMAGING TECHNICIANnBrian SabillonnSOUND MIXERnJared SimmonsnnSCRIPT SUPERVISORnErin CasteelnnCHIEF LIGHTING TECHNICIANnOwen HookernnKEY GRIPnRyan StumpennGRIP/ELECTRIC SWINGSnTravis CrabtreenCharles BalchnnKEY MAKEUP ARTISTnJamie HessnnKEY HAIR STYLISTnJadene MunsonnnASSISTANT MAKEUP/HAIR STYLISTnChristina FineonnWARDROBE STYLISTnNicole SchottnnSET DECORATORSnZeke MiddletonnLane CheeknnART SWINGnHaley SmithnnTELEPROMPTER OPERATORnPaul Van ZylnnASSISTANT TO MR. CHUnNicole LedermannnASSISTANT TO MR. HOnJanet ChangennKEY PRODUCTION ASSISTANTnMike RutkowskinnPRODUCTION ASSISTANTSnLaura BrooksnPeter HoughnMatt McKinnonnAndrew TurnernColin HaveynnPRODUCTION INTERNSnTiffany GomesnnBEHIND-THE-SCENES VIDEOGRAPHERnJoel SchroedernnSTILL PHOTOGRAPHERnStefania RosininnCATERING PROVIDED BYnSome Like It HotnnCRAFT SERVICESnCrystal MaldonadonnPOST PRODUCTION SUPERVISORnSamantha ManalangnnASSISTANT EDITORnJillian CaldwellnnPOST PRODUCTION ASSISTANTnKatie BarkernnPOST PRODUCTION INTERNSnElizabeth SeafordnAnoosh Voltaire-BehinnADDITIONAL MUSIC BYnJingle PunksnnMUSIC SUPERVISORnDistrict 78nnMAIN TITLE THEMESn"Master Class" and "Legends"nComposed by Kerry MuzzeynCourtesy of Loafin Magic Music (BMI) nnINSTRUCTIONAL TRACKn"Late Check Out"nWritten by Robert Steinmiller, Jay J Kim, Chris Lightbody, Spencer Yaras - District 78 Music PublishingnPerformed by District 78nCourtesy of District 78nnDI COLORISTnAndrew WaruszewskinnMAIN TITLE DESIGNERnDan LiunnPRODUCTION ATTORNEYnZeke LopeznnPRODUCTION ACCOUNTANTnHeather TylernnPRODUCTION INSURANCEnRobertson-Taylor

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