S2DIO CITY: THE SHORE ft. Luke Broadlick [DS2DIO]

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    Subscribe to DS2DIO: bit.ly/J4NXernnAfter a citizen discovers their way into S2DIO CITY — or after the city discovers them — they have to find their plac


    Subscribe to DS2DIO: bit.ly/J4NXernnAfter a citizen discovers their way into S2DIO CITY — or after the city discovers them — they have to find their place among the masses.

    But only a select few are welcome to stake their claim at The Shore, and Citizen 810 leads the minority holding the final say on who is and isn't accepted.nn"THE SHORE" featuring:nLuke Broadlicknbit.ly/PyIyQZnnLearn more about S2DIO CITY in our featurette with Directors/Consulting Producers Jamal Sims and Christopher Scott: bit.ly/KFBKbznnSong by District 78.

    "Numba 1." Available on iTunes: bit.ly/Rd1EJunnBECOME A CITIZEN OF S2DIO CITYnn1) RECORD YOUR VIDEOnMake your own S2DIO CITY video of any dance or movement in a unique location.nn2) DOWNLOAD THE DS2DIO LOGOnTo help us search through all the videos, download the DS2DIO logo from this link and put it in front of your video: on.fb.me/L4xGIxnn3) UPLOAD TO YOUTUBEnUpload your video to YouTube and then post it as a video response below.nnThe S2DIO CITY team will be reviewing videos and you may be chosen to become a citizen.nnAnd get all the latest DS2DIO updates here:nnFacebook: on.fb.me/IRGSdKnTwitter: bit.ly/L33XPQnTumblr: bit.ly/P1UzecnPinterest: bit.ly/NZcWTZnInstagram: @DS2DIOnnWant to know more about DS2DIO?? Watch this: bit.ly/JebFQlnn----------------------------------------------------------------------------------nnS2DIO CITY: THE SHORE CREDITSnnEXECUTIVE PRODUCERSnJon M.

    ChunHieu HonnEXECUTIVE PRODUCERSnChristina FergusonnRyan LandelsnnCONSULTING PRODUCERnJamal SimsnnDIRECTED BYnAlice BrooksnnDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHYnAlice BrooksnnEDITED BYnDan LiunnMUSICn"Numba 1"nWritten by Jay J Kim, Chris Lightbody, Robert Steinmiller, Spencer Yaras, Jeremy Solomon McBryde - District 78 PublishingnPerformed by District 78 featuring HeavynCourtesy of District 78nbit.ly/Rd1EJunnCITIZEN #810nLuke BroadlicknnnPRODUCERnTyrrell ShaffnernnCAMERA OPERATORnMarc WierciochnnDIGITAL IMAGING TECHNICIANnBrian SabillonnCAMERA ASSISTANTnChris CuthbertnnSOUND MIXERnMatt BurgettennMAKEUP ARTIST/HAIR STYLISTnChristina FineonnPRODUCTION COORDINATORnHanna WalickinnPRODUCTION COORDINATOR - DS2DIOnMadison AinleynnASSISTANT TO MR.

    CHUnNicole LedermannnASSISTANT TO MR.

    HOnJanet ChangennPRODUCTION ASSISTANTSnKimberly CohrsnSarah RudoynMike RutkowskinnSTILL PHOTOGRAPHERnStefania RosininnPOST PRODUCTION SUPERVISORnSamantha ManalangnnADDITIONAL EDITING (INTERVIEW)nDavid JaviernnASSISTANT EDITORnKatie BarkernJillian CaldwellnnPOST PRODUCTION INTERNSnElizabeth SeafordnAnoosh Voltaire-BehinAlex GillesnnMUSIC SUPERVISORSnDistrict 78nnSUPERVISING SOUND EDITOR & MIXERnKunal RajannnADDITIONAL MUSIC BYnJingle PunksnnDI COLORISTnDavid JaviernnMAIN TITLE DESIGNERnAndrew ZaozirnynnMOTION GRAPHICS DESIGNER (Interview Signatures)nMika TanisakinnDS2DIO GRAPHICS DESIGNERnAislinn Glennon

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