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    Subscribe to DS2DIO: bit.ly/J4NXernnTucked amongst the Gravity district, the Warehouse belonging to Tellan industries is just one of hundreds owned by th


    Subscribe to DS2DIO: bit.ly/J4NXernnTucked amongst the Gravity district, the Warehouse belonging to Tellan industries is just one of hundreds owned by the conglomerate.

    Abandoned for years since the company mysteriously shut down, it's one of the few places where you can get lost within S2DIO CITY and not be found.

    However, some use this anonymity to their advantage because when you're not allowed out, you must find your way in.nn"THE WAREHOUSE" featuring:nnNasty Raynbit.ly/Q2FbAvnnLearn more about S2DIO CITY in our featurette with Directors/Consulting Producers Jamal Sims and Christopher Scott: bit.ly/KFBKbznnSong by Kerry Muzzey.

    "Architect of the Mind." Available on iTunes: bit.ly/MEyYIXnnBECOME A CITIZEN OF S2DIO CITYnn1) RECORD YOUR VIDEOnMake your own S2DIO CITY video of any dance or movement in a unique location.nn2) DOWNLOAD THE DS2DIO LOGOnTo help us search through all the videos, download the DS2DIO logo from this link and put it in front of your video for priority consideration: on.fb.me/L4xGIxnn3) UPLOAD TO YOUTUBEnUpload your video to YouTube and then post it as a video response below.nnThe S2DIO CITY team will be reviewing videos and you may be chosen to become a citizen.nnSubscribe to DS2DIO for all the latest ARENA updates:nbit.ly/J4NXernnAnd get all the latest DS2DIO updates here:nnFacebook: on.fb.me/IRGSdKnTwitter: bit.ly/L33XPQnTumblr: bit.ly/P1UzecnPinterest: bit.ly/NZcWTZnInstagram: @DS2DIOnnWant to know more about DS2DIO?? Watch this: bit.ly/JebFQlnn----------------------------------------------------------------------------------nnS2DIO CITY: THE WAREHOUSE CREDITSnnEXECUTIVE PRODUCERS nJon M.

    Chu nHieu Ho n nEXECUTIVE PRODUCERS nChristina Ferguson nRyan Landels n nCONSULTING PRODUCER nChristopher Scott n nDIRECTED BY nAlice Brooks n nDIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY nAlice Brooks n nEDITED BY nDan Liun nMUSIC n"Architect of the Mind" nWritten by Kerry Muzzey nPerformed by Kerry Muzzey featuring Jennifer Choi (Violin) nCourtesy of Kirbyko Music LLC nbit.ly/MEyYIXn n nCITIZEN # 674 nRaymond "Nasty Ray" Mora n n nPRODUCER nTyrrell Shaffner n nCAMERA ASSISTANT nChris Cuthbert n nMAKEUP ARTIST/HAIR STYLIST nChristina Fineo n nPRODUCTION COORDINATORS nMadison Ainley nHanna Walicki n nASSISTANT TO MR.

    CHU nNicole Lederman n nASSISTANT TO MR.

    HO nJanet Change n nPOST PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR nSamantha Manalang n nADDITIONAL EDITING (INTERVIEW) nDavid Javiern nASSISTANT EDITORS nKatie Barker nJillian Caldwell n nPOST PRODUCTION INTERNS nElizabeth Seaford nAnoosh Voltaire-Behi nAlex Gilles n nMUSIC SUPERVISORS nDistrict 78 n nSUPERVISING SOUND EDITOR & MIXER nKunal Rajan n nADDITIONAL MUSIC BY nJingle Punks n nDI COLORIST nDavid Javier n nMAIN TITLE DESIGNER nAndrew Zaozirny n nMOTION GRAPHICS DESIGNER (Interview Signatures) nMika Tanisaki n nDS2DIO GRAPHICS DESIGNER nAislinn Glennon

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