MASTERCLASS: (MIRRORED) Travis Payne Instructional PT 2 [DS2DIO]

  • To see Part 1, click here: see regular version, click here: week, a Master Choreographer will teach you an incredible routine. nnThis week TRAVIS PAYNE teaches a high energy piece to Michael Jackson's "2BAD."nnHEADS UP DISPLAY: Use the navigation bar at the top of the screen to see your progress through the class - click on any number to jump straight to that 8 count. nnREMEMBER TO WARM UP: Warm up, give yourself enough space, and stay hydrated before giving it a try. Then post a video response of yourself doing the routine once you have it down - you might get feedback directly from the choreographer!nnGET FEEDBACK:nn1) RECORD A VIDEOnnWhen you're ready, record yourself doing the routine for a chance at direct feedback from our Master Choreographer.nn2) DOWNLOAD THE DS2DIO LOGOnnTo help us search through all the videos, download the DS2DIO logo from this link and put it in front of your video for priority consideration: UPLOAD TO YOUTUBEnnUpload your video to YouTube and then post it as a video response below.nnnnABOUT TRAVIS PAYNE: Travis Payne - winner of four MTV Video Music Awards, three American Choreography Awards, two Emmy nominations and countless other honors - has created an incredible body of work for icons such as Sting, Faith Hill, Paula Abdul, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. Joining host Galen Hooks, he discusses his inspiration, his process and his longtime collaboration with Michael Jackson.nnClick here to follow Travis: more about MASTERCLASS in our featurette with Host/Consulting Producer Galen Hooks: here to follow Galen: brings together world class choreographers to share their stories and teach a famous routine:nnBRIAN FRIEDMAN: SIMS: ROBINSON: ROBSON: PAYNE: DERRICKS: CRAFT: COMING SOON!nMARTY KUDELKA: COMING SOON!nTINA LANDON: COMING SOON!nAAKOMON "AJ" JONES: COMING SOON!nnSubscribe Now:

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