Hula Hoop Dancer Girl - Canon 550D - Glidecam HD1000 - Koanos Dubstep

  • This film was made by me, Cal Thomson. You can follow me on twitter (
    My friend Sade features as the hula hoop dancer. She's also trained in trapeze and aspires to work in the circus. If you would like to contact Sade about further related work then please email here:
    The music is a creative collaboration and have permission given to me to use it.
    Music by Koanos
    On a technical side of things I shot this with Canon 55d (T2i) and Tamron 17-50mm 2.8. Special Thanks for Michael Beech for lending me his lens for the day. To create the floating style camera movement I used the glidecam HD1000.
    Check out my tutorial on 'how to operate glidecam' with tips on balancing and understanding the science behind this amazing engineering.
    This was edited in Final Cut Pro 7 and then send in Adobe After Effects. It's there I did some colour correction and slo mo. I used video copilot plugins twitch and optical flares for some of the vfx. The slo mo was achieved using Twixtor
    This was filmed in Manchester, UK. Special thanks goes to Antwerp Mansion, Rusholme. They host a variety of events and gigs. Check out there website:
    The exterior shots where at the Castlefield Arena, Manchester.
    Thanks for watching, reading and sharing. Enjoy

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