1 Month Hula Hoop Dancing!

  • Exactly 1 full month ( I recorded this without even realizing the dates were exactly 1 month! haha) of HULA HOOPING! what hooping everyday for 1 hour looks like after 1 monthrnrn I'm still learning! I need work , I know, but, I just made this to show friends and family what I meant when I said I picked up hula hooping. Just trying to show as many moves as i can while Hoop dancing which i still need work onrnrnrnBEFORE YOU COMMENT:rn1) I practice everyday for at least 1 hour. (1hr=420 calories)rn2) I don't practice with a mirror but i highly recommend itrn3) I practice out on the lawn behind my dorm building on grass ( here in this video)rn4) This is a giant hoop that is around 40-42 inches. rn5) This hoop is a travel hoop (6 pieces) (6 for beginner, 5 for advance) rn from Hoopnotica.rn A) Review of the travel hoop? After 2 weeks it'll creek, the screws rn will fall out or start to come out making it dangerous to use rn around hair or clothes as it'll snag, way too big with 6 pieces and rn way too small with 5 pieces. rn6) Beginner hoops=bigger and heavier to slow motion for slowly rn learning new moves. Intermediate hoops= lighter and smaller. rn7) I use Hoopnotica's DVDs. rn8) Right now I'm finishing up the 3rd DVD and beginning the 4th DVD rn9) I can also do legs/thighs and bring it up, the helicopter, cat eyes & the triangle, I just forgot to do those moves in this videorn10) the creaking sound is the hoop from the 6 pieces. using only 5 decreases the noise but not a lot

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