10 Best Hooping Tricks

  • Audrey Scherer goes through 10 hooping tricks and moves that can make your hoopdance more interesting. Also, be sure to catch Audrey LIVE mondays at 9pm USA eastern time at hoopingLIVE.com - she will answer your questions on the spot! Now that's service! nn00:01 Introduction to ten best hooping tricks / movesn00:27 Hooping Rollsn00:40 Isolationsn00:56 Core Hooping & shoulder hooping n01:08 waist hoopingn01:20 tossing or hoop tossesn01:56 balancingn02:20 leg hoopingn02:56 hoop stallingn03:32 weave / toss / jump throughn04:15 Isolations and isopopn04:50 Audrey hoop dancing to Marvin Goldstein piano musicn07:00 Wrap up and hoopingLIVE.com mention.nnVideo by CraigShipp.com

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