HOOP DANCE - Coyote Kisses Six Shooter Hooping (Hula Hoop Dancing)

  • Hi my loves!nnSo this video is a little different but I had been wanting to make a hoop video for a while and I had a few requests to see one also, because I have mentioned hooping a few times on my channel, so I figured I would finally go ahead and make one :) This song was sooo fast and really hard to hoop to (plus I'm out of practice), but it is the best royalty free song that I have found and I really liked it, so I had to use it, no matter how impossible it was to keep up! :P I am not a professional hooper or dancer, I just do this for fun because I love to dance :)nnPlease ignore the multiple hair changes throughout the video, my hair is a total pain in the butt when it comes to hooping, as it likes to wrap itself around my hoop and ruin my flow lol. If you have any comments, questions or would like any hoop tutorials, feel free to let me know in the comments section or message me and I will always do my best to be helpful :) Thanks so much for watching and also for all the support on my channel, I appreciate it and I love you guys :) xxxnnHula hoops used;nn30" Polypro Hoop (taped with golden sunset holographic tape)n32" Kids lightweight hoop (taped with indigo sunrise holographic tape)nMini hoops are just kids hoops, taped with metallic tapennHoop tape purchased from: www.fancy-tapes.co.uk/nnnOutfit details;nnCrop top - New LooknDenim Shorts - Miss Selfridge (with DIY rips and bleaching)nStudded leather belt - PrimarknnSong: Six Shooter by Coyote Kisses (Royalty free)nwww.facebook.com/CoyoteKissesMusicnn________________________________________________________

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