Czech Ballet Dancers Admire Shen Yun's Performance in Prague

  • The traditional Chinese dance and music company Shen Yun Performing Arts is currently on tour in Europe. They performed in Prague, the picturesque capitol of the Czech Republic. Many people came to the Prague Congress Center to see the first night of the show on Tuesday. nnAmong them were several performers from the Czech National Ballet. nn[Adam Zvonar, Ballet Dancer]:(male, czech)n"The show was absolutely fascinating. I'm really happy to have the opportunity to see the performance. The effort and overall synchronization of the dancers was great."nnA renowned ballet master of the Czech National Ballet, Vlastimil Harapes made sure he didn't miss the show. nn[Vlastimil Harapes, Choreographer]: (male, czech)n"The show is so perfectly trained that looking at it from the professional angle, it's flawless. It really is an extraordinary experience. What is not common with us is the multitude of acrobatic moves. It's performed in such a way that it takes your breath away. Combining dance with acrobatics is something amazing."nnThis is the fifth time Shen Yun has performed in the Czech Republic. After another performance in Prague, their next stop will be in Linkoping, Sweden on April 6th. nnNTD News, PraguennSubscribe to NTDonChina ☛ more news and videos visit ☛ ntd.tvnFollow us on Twitter ☛ us on Facebook ☛

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