Michael Franti || "Once A Day" || Cardio Dance Fitness Choreography || REFIT® Revolution

  • If the positive lyrics of this song weren't enough -- check out the moves! Only 3 simple combination moves throughout the entire song makes this choreography SUPER easy an SUPER fun!nnFIT TIP: though the moves are repetitive and simple, you might find learning the choreography a little difficult because of the upper body moves + the footwork. As you start learning the moves, focus on footwork first. Add the upper body movements once the footwork is established.nnPLAYLIST TIP: This song is low-mid intensity and would be great as a second song after your warm up or a recover song within your playlist.nnAdd this to your cardio workout -- you'll find it puts a pep in your step and a smile on your face! Just because it's not complex choreography doesn't mean it's not fun!! The most important thing to us is your success, so get out there and kill these moves!nnTo learn more about becoming a REFIT® instructor, purchasing REFIT SWAG, or attending a live experience class -- click here: www.REFITREV.comnnGrab the song here: itunes.apple.com/us/album/once-day-feat.-sonna-rele/id1098363842?i=1098364180

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