[EAST2WEST] BTS (방탄소년단) - OUTRO : Wings Choreography by Christbob Phu

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    ▶ BTS (방탄소년단) - OUTRO : Wings Choreography by Christbob Phu ◀nnFinal Chapter: Spread your wings and Flyn"The Family" is a choreography project that br


    ▶ BTS (방탄소년단) - OUTRO : Wings Choreography by Christbob Phu ◀nnFinal Chapter: Spread your wings and Flyn"The Family" is a choreography project that brings together people who are not related by blood to create exactly as the title suggests- a family.

    It was built in order to create bonds with those who were in need of help.

    However, where there are bonds that are formed, there are also bonds that are broken.

    This choreography project is to portray the story of "The Family" through several chapters.

    Each chapter will represent a moment of their lives as they strive to reach a common goal- Peace.nnThis chapter finally concludes the long and awaited peace that "The Family" has been longing for.

    After many struggles, they have reached a common peace and now starting anew for a better future.

    In the end, The Brothers have "The Family" to support them and have realized that no matter how low things go, family will always love each other.

    nnSpecial thanks from the choreographer:nI may have choreograph these six BTS songs, but I alone did not create all of this.

    East2West has gave so much support for this project and I would like to give my special thanks to; Cholhee Kim, Carmen Kwan and Melissa Moy for giving me the opportunity to create this project.nAnd finally thank you to Carmen Kwan, Cholhee Kim, Jasmine Matos, Johnny Sola, Matthieu Tadeo, Miska Huynh, Mitchell Kwan, Saru Siva, Tori Lee Nelson and Wilson for helping and giving me concept ideas, choreography ideas, advice on what can be improved as well as Filming and editing these videos.

    nI cannot ask for a better result than Wings and East2West has made it happen.

    I love you all!!!!nnnChapter 1: youtu.be/zqE-Ntf9KWknChapter 2: youtu.be/SgVWZeuYLHknChapter 3: youtu.be/SIDU0O9s_5EnChapter 4: youtu.be/ghqaNb_LHZcnChapter 5: youtu.be/h3iFXTiHkbAnnIf you enjoyed it and want to see more, make sure to subscribe, like and share this video! nnSHOP EAST2WEST MERCHANDISE: www.east2westofficial.comnnFollow us on social media for regular updates, exclusive content, and more!n➥ Facebook: www.facebook.com/East2WestOfficialn➥ Instagram: instagram.com/east2westofficialn➥ Twitter: twitter.com/E2Wofficialn➥ Snapchat: e2wofficialnnDancers:nAurelie Ye (IG: @aurelieyeh)nCarmen Kwan (IG: @kahhmoon)nCholhee Kim (IG: @cholheekimfan1010)nChristbob Phu (IG: @bobby_2526_)nDouglas Prisnie (IG: @douglasprisnie)nDylan Kong (IG: @damn___dylan)nJasmine Huynh (IG: @jasuuu)nJasmine Matos (IG: @osnowie)nJenny Lam (IG: @jennylalalam)nJulie Tran (IG: @julyboo)nKangli Chen (IG: @babyunnie)nKevin Lin (IG: @kev_lindt)nMichael Lieu (IG: @moo.moo.mykol)nMiska Huynh (IG: @miskahuynh)nSaru Siva (IG: @saruchiba)nSelwyn Tien (IG: @derpwyn)nSong Tran (IG: @songykimtran)nSoraya Lahlou (IG: @lah_lou)nTianjing Li (IG: @te_eej)nTina Minh-Thu Nguyen (IG: @miniminhhh)nTori Lee Nelson (IG: @_runandgun_)nnFilmed by:nMatthieu TadeonCarmen KwannnEdited by:nJasmine MatosnnHelpers:nAaron Wei, Megan Shin, Meng Si Zhao, Tian Qi WangnnMusic:n방탄소년단 BTS - OUTRO : Wingsn방탄소년단 BTS - DNA

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