Gina Hong Choreography | Sunshine - Tom Misch Dance | STEEZY.CO (Beginner Class)

  • Gina Hong Choreography to "Sunshine" by Tom Misch. Thanks for watching. You can learn this entire piece at home! Click here: last feel good piece from Gina to end the year!nnHope you guys like it, as always learn it on steezy.con n- STEEZY Squadn___________________________________________n nChoreography: nGina Hongn nDancers:nApril BambaonChanelle WangnGina HongnJerould JorgenMichelle ShimnnMusic: nSunshine - Tom Mischn n___________________________________________n nWhat is STEEZY Studio?n nWe’re dancers just like you, so we created STEEZY Studio to provide you with online dance classes from your favorite choreographers.n nSTEEZY online dance classes are broken down in a step-by-step and easy to learn format so anyone can learn how to dance!n nThe special video player we created is made specifically to teach dance. You can learn at your own pace and choose different views that help you learn best.n nSTEEZY Classes are better than dance tutorials, they're real class.n nLike, share, and subscribe for more dance videos!

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