Ballet dance revolution 2018 | LED light up tutus for ballerinas

  • LED Light ballerinas in our new ballet tutus. Amazing combinations of effects!nYou can create any effects you want and synchronize it with music. Everything is managed from only one computer using MADRIX.nn➨ Buy it now: n✔!/Smart-LED-Ballet-Tutu-164-LEDs/p/97845219/category=18638039n✔➨ Contact for order: n✔ n✔sales@etereshop.comnn➨ Follow➨ Overview:nLight up tutu can create a unique show at a reasonable price. For this led tutu, we use 164 super bright LEDs. Each light you set up the way you need, It gives you a really good chance to show your personality.nn➨ What you get:n✔ For solo ballet dancenWe can prepare the effects for your show. Tutu with lights can be controlled through wi-fi. This will allow you to focus on your dance and not think about excess. We ordered the led tutu at the Bloch store, one of the best in the whole world!nn✔ Group ballet dancingnLighted tutu is very rare on the stage. All the wires are hidden inside led light up tutu. All led tutu skirt can be synchronized with each other. You can set different effects on different lighted tutus, as in the video above.nn➨ Why you need exactly these light up tutu:n✔ Effect personalizationnEach light you set up the way you need. You can create a unique show. It is possible to synchronize several ballet tutus. It gives you a really good chance to show your personality.nn✔Tutu by BlochnThis led ballerinas features six layers of stiff nylon tulle. Dress like the professionals for a stage or practice in this traditional ballet look.nn✔ Plug and PlaynThese are led tutu simplest in use. Just need to press the button on/off and lighted tutu will start work. To be ready for the work you need much less than one minute.nn✔ BrightnFor led ballet costume we use 164 super bright LEDs. You have the ability to adjust the brightness yourself as you need.nn✔ ControlnThe controller can be used in complex solutions. PC control through wi-fi. It can be manually operated using the buttons.nn✔ Wide opportunities to usenThese light up tutu are suitable for any event. This clothing is great for photo shoots or making clips.The led light ballerinas will look great in the frame.nn✔ After-sales servicenStable technical support is always ready to help you with any difficulties at any time. And in case of breakage we will help to repair all.nnDance of the Sugar Plum Fairynfrom "The Nutcracker(1892)" P.I TchaikovskynnRemix : millstones this song is published on Bandcamp in some formats including FLAC lossless audio.nOf course you can download it free (limited 200 DLs per month), and it's under CC BY 3.0

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