Naaz - Loving Love (Official Video)

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    we’re too busy loving lovennDownload or stream Loving Love here: nnFollow Naaz:nInstagram:


    we’re too busy loving lovennDownload or stream Loving Love here: nnFollow Naaz:nInstagram: nFacebook: nTwitter: nSoundcloud: nWebsite: nn℗ & © 2018 Bits of Naaz, under exclusive license to Dapper/Universal Music B.V.nnDirector: Folkert Verdoorn nDirector of Photography: Maximilian PittnernProduction Company: le bergnProducer le berg: Marietta Auras, Yannick FauthnPA: Anna Müller, Katja Burlyga n1st AC: Rouven Schardt n2nd AC: Fabio SeydingnSteadicam Operator: Florian SchwarznGaffer: Benjamin Erdenberger / Toni SchultznKey Grip: Wolfgang FrankenLab: Kodak Film Lab LondonnEditor: Fatih turanColorist: erik @ de grotnnCasting: Konstantina LevinStyling Naaz: Anna ClaassennStyling: Leonor von SalischnHair & Make-Up: Marisa LeberfingernnStarring: Danilo Andrés, David Burschewski, Dominik Humeres, Emeli Myake, Enrico Fusco, Frank Kallinowksi, Ines Rüder, Kelsey J.

    Gillis, Kim Bode, Kyle Patrick, Leandra Haupt, Lena Strützke, Marc Phillips, Sarah Little nnSpecial Thanks: ARRI Rental Berlin, Christian Mayer, delikatessen Requisiten Fundus Berlin OHG,John Steer, @ASTAK e.V., Kaspar Hornikel, Fabian Brennecke, Florian Kolmer, Lichtforum Berlin, Michael Boxrucker @Kodak, Wolfgang TürkennLyrics:nYou don't love her but you say sonIt's alright we all got things we don't knownI don't even mindn'Cuz I like being by your sidennI'll be waiting I'll be patientnTill you find your favorite locationnPerfectly designednFor a love to be oh so blindnnWe'll be falling hard in the black holenOf our universe..nAnd the whole world is ours..nBut we wont' know - cuz we're too busy loving lovennEyeyey we're too busy loving love uhnEyeyey cuz we're too busy loving lovenEyeyey we're too busy loving love uhnnDon't listen to what they saynThere shouldn't be just one type of waynTraditional old rulesnOnly lock up the perfect jewelsnnShow your feelings say it loud:nI love someone so much damn I'm proudnWe're anciently new schoolnLoving love like we're supposed to

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