Music On The Move DJ Service in Sacramento, CA

  • When we meet and begin the planning process, be assured that you are meeting with the actual team attending the day of your wedding, reception or celebration. Your Music On The Move DJs & MCs Sacramento are here to help you with an entire catalogue of tasks for your big day. We are your planner, detailer, event coordinator, troubleshooter, production manager, assistant, music maestro, entertainer, master of ceremonies, spokesperson, representative, and most of all — your friend. They choose Music on the Move because they want the best value available, and know we will help create an unforgettable celebration. Meet with us and see the difference. Consider our money-saving disc jockey service packages, or simply add any of our creative options and services that will ultimately enhance your celebration and make it The Best Wedding Reception Sacramento DJ service.
    Address:- 1808 Tribute Road, Suite A, Sacramento, CA 95815
    Phone:- 916 708-8063

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