WAKE ME UP - Avicii Dance | @MattSteffanina Choreography Video | Matt Steffanina 2013

  • Avicii - WAKE ME UP | Dance Choreography by Matt Steffanina » Click HERE to check out the TUTORIAL: youtu.be/58__gEQdmxE nnGet TEXT alerts when we post new videos: motube.us/mattsdancennI grew up in a small town and was always inspired by acoustic, blues & bluegrass so when I heard those styles mixed with electronic & dance music like this I fell in love with this song. Music like this is really refreshing so make sure you support the artist, Avicii, and get into him because he's incredible. I want to thank Dana because originally I choreographed this for myself just because I liked the song. I wasn't going to teach it or tape it because it was so different than what I usually do and she encouraged me to be ok with that and to share it.nnSometimes my students teach me as much as I teach them. Seeing you guys excited about trying something different and pushing yourselves was really inspiring for me. So thank you Dana Alexa, Kyle McCraw, Alex Johnson, Lily J Molina, Walter Moran, Amber Boone, Cameron, Denis Kochkin, Henry Newby & everyone else that came and went full out, for sharing your talent with me :) nnFor Dance Tutorials check out: youtube.com/dancetutorialslivenChoreography by: Matt SteffaninanDancers: Matt Steffanina, Dana Alexa, Kyle McCraw, Denis Kochkin, CameronnClasses at: Millennium Dance Complex & IDA HollywoodnnTwitter:nwww.twitter.com/MattSteffanina - @MattSteffaninannFacebook:nwww.facebook.com/MattSteffaninannWebsite:nhttp://MattFreestyle.comn_____________________________nnThanks for watching, please comment, tweet, & subscribe :)

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