Houston Salsa Congress 2010 7th Annual - Salsa Dance Lessons Social Dancing Performances Contest

  • Houston Salsa Congress 2010 7th Annual - Salsa Dance Lessons, Group & Private Dance Lessons, Latin Dance Workshops, Dance Performances, Salsa Dance Contest & Salsa Social Dancing. Whether youre a spectator, a beginner or an advanced salsa dancer, or dance and music enthusiast, this congress is for you. We have set up an all-star dance line-up with international/national/local instructors and performers for your enjoyment. We will also honor those making an impact in our community via dance, music and leadership.
    • Chicago, IL: Christina Zavala & Rodrigo Cortazar , Modern Clave, Leah Patterson & Amanda
    • London, England: Mambata
    • Monterrey, Mexico: Rumba Buena
    • Montreal, Canada: Saltimambo
    • New Jersey, NJ: Griselle Ponce
    • New Orleans, LA: Mambo Orleans
    • New York City, NY: Joel Dominguez, Jose & Mariana Aguilar, Melissa Rosado, Yamulee
    • Orlando, FL: Salsa Synergy
    • Philadelphia, PA: Arte Soneros, Art In Motion, Darlin Garcia
    • Puerto Rico: Youngblood, Christian & Jackie -2008 Texas Salsa Open Champions ( On2)
    • San Diego, CA: Majesty in Motion
    • San Francisco, CA: Salsamania, John Narvaez and Liz Rojas
    • Toronto, Canada/ NYC, NY: Magna Gopal
    • Texas-Austin: Jazzy Dance Company, Connally High School Latin Dance Team
    • Texas- Dallas: De Lara Dance Company, Guajiro, Horn High
    • Texas-Houston: Alexis Omar Tirado, Troy Anthony & Jorjet Alcocer, JD Showtime, Hector & Claudia Vasquez, Hector & Sarah Vasquez, United Salsa Semi-Pro Team, United Salsa Student Group
    • Texas-San Antonio: Semeneya, Xibuke
    DJs: Houston: DJ Gonzo ● Los Angeles: DJ Lobo ● Salt Lake City: DJ Corwin ● Boston: DJ Saoko
    Where performances will amaze you and the social dancing is sure to give you a workout. DJs are sure to give us a salsa experience to remember. Vendors wil be set up Friday thru Sunday, so come prepared to do some shopping.
    Jan. 13, Wednesday: Pre-Party at Plaza 59 Nightclub
    Address: 5901 Hillcroft St # B6, Houston, TX 77036-3331
    Jan. 14, Thursday: Melody Club Ballroom
    Address: 3027 Crossview Dr, Houston TX 77063
    (off Fondren & 59)
    Jan. 15-17, Friday thru Sunday: University of Houston Student Center - Houston Room
    Address: 4800 Calhoun Road, Houston, Texas 77004
    Doubletree Hotel-Houston Downtown
    400 Dallas Street, Houston, Texas 77002-4777
    Tel: 1-713-759-0202
    Book your hotel reservation at the $118 special rate available if you say youre with Houston Salsa Congress.
    If you like to compete, the 2010 Texas Salsa Open is a qualifying event that will send the final winners in each category to the 5th Annual World Salsa Championships. The winners will represent Texas on1, on2, and the team competitions to the 5th Annual World Salsa Championships. The rules here are modeled after the World Salsa Championship rules which can be found at
    All competitors are encouraged to visit this website for the official event rules of the World Salsa Championship.
    Houston Salsa Dancers Inc.
    The Houston Salsa Dancers Inc. is a non-profit organization that has developed several programs that continues to teach inner city students how to dance. It's main purpose is not only to expose students to different Latin communities, cultures, and heritage through dance, but also to facilitate a positive body image and increased self esteem. An integral part our mission is to offer yearly scholarships to students that are involved in the Houston salsa dance community. In the year 2000, the Houston Salsa Congress began as the first of its kind in the State of Texas. This congress now continues a rich tradition with the fifth installment in a series that highlights the beauty, creativity, and precision of Latin dance.
    Contact Nathan Zamaniego (nate_zam@yahoo.com) for more information.
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