Halkat Jawani | BOLLYWOOD WATER DANCE | Anisha Babbar Choreography

  • Hey guys! I'm so excited to be back with a video unlike any other video I've done before! Me and my girls tried something brand new and decided to perform this piece in WATER. Yup, you read that right! No special effects, no green screen—we truly filmed this piece in water. :) It was a challenge but we're very proud and excited to show you the final product. What do you think? Leave me your thoughts below!nnAs always, much love to all of you! Thank you for supporting our art and our dreams. nn***********nnChoreography and Concept by Anisha Babbar nnDo you want to see more videos from me? Follow me on instagram at @anisha.babbar! nnYou can also keep up with me on Facebook as well at fb.com/anishababbardancennCredits: nDirector/Producer: Eshaan Kashyap IG: @eshaankashyapnAssistant Director: Akshay Radia IG: @akshay_radiannSo excited to annouce that this was filmed and edited by INDTVUSA! Learn more about their work here: www.indtvusa.com/nnOriginal Song: Halkat Jawani | www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjsqMlDDMk0nnDancers:nAnisha Babbar / IG: @anisha.abbarnReema Kakaday / IG: @reemakakadaynShreha Jain / IG: @shrejunKarishma Pratt / IG: @karishmaprattnNidhi Kaul / IG: @kaulmelaternDimple Patel / IG: @dimps4887nTrisha Vijay / IG:@shaaatrinnWe shot at: nLittle Boxes Theater | littleboxestheater.com/

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