ballet dance duet- dancing everyday 365 ballets - ballet duet 236

  • Sign Up for Ballet popular Popular on Social this video:nIn this video Ibrahim Perez and Maria Kouppari from Ballet Popular shares a ballet dance duet or ballet pas de deux and Dance duet or in this case this our 236 of 365 dance choreography. The ballet pas de deux is a brand new original classical ballet in this case classical ballet duet. The combination of a ballet duet with a new theme is a fantastic combination for this youtube video. We are using contemporary ballet and dance to create a ballet duet or ballet dance perfomance and a new ballet dance all original ballet , this choreography is made to inspire everyone to dance ballet. The ballet performance by Ibrahim Perez and Maria kouppari's ballet choreography will show you the ballet partner dance. We dedicate this ballet duet to all of you. The If you want see amazing new ballet duet and classical ballet dance performance or this original dance choreography like and If you are looking for a ballet dance routine, or classical ballet and you want to learn ballet with us with our ballet tutorial, check out this video. These ballets are part of a series of 365 original ballets that we are making everyday for the entire year. the dances are very technical. We do ballet partnering and ballet partner dance display a great ballet pas de deux work as well a contemporary ballet and solo as well pas de deux, all to create a ballet dance performance with new ballet choreography. We hope you like it and keep up the love for ballet with this ballet dance.

    Category : Classic/Stage