Janelle Kroll - Walk With You (Official Music Video)

  • Janelle Kroll - Walk With You (Official Music Video)nnGlaciers are melting 3x faster than 10 years ago. If they disappear, so do we. Donate to The Nature Conservancy to protect them by visiting: nature.org/walkwithyou.n x, Janelle KrollnnDIRECTED BYnDavid Ariew nJanelle Kroll nLaura Wass nOwen Brownnn n3D ANIMATION BY nDavid Ariew nnCREATIVE DIRECTED BY nOwen BrownnLaura WassnnART DIRECTION BY nLaura WassnJanelle Kroll n nSTORY BY nJanelle KrollnOwen BrownnLaura wassnnPRODUCED BY nCTRL5 nOwen Brown nnASSOCIATE PRODUCED BY nLaura Wass nnMADE FORnApple Music nn3D SCANS, MODELING & MOTION CAPTURE BY nSCANablen nMELTING SIMULATIONS BY nGrant Inouyen nSMOKE SIMULATIONS BY nChristopher RutledgennFACIAL MOTION CAPTURE PRODUCTION BY nMocapNown nAnder Bergstrom nnFACIAL MOTION CAPTURE ANIMATION BY nCJ MarkhamnnSONG PRODUCED BY nJ.ViewsnJanelle Kroll

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