Pole dancing, bodybuilding competition begins

    Rio de Janeiro - 1 April 2016
    1. Various of pole dancer performing
    2. Various of 62 year-old pole dancer Mary Caryl Serritella from the USA performing
    3. SOUNDBITE (English) Mary Caryl Serritella, 62, US pole dancer:
    "I make my own costumes, I had to learn musicality, timing, flexibility and strength. The flexibility was easier, the strength was really hard."
    4. Pole dancer Jussara Bertolucci performing
    5. SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Jussara Bertolucci, Brazilian pole dancer:
    "Pole (dancing) today is a mix of acrobatics so you have to have flexibility and strength. People are still prejudiced about pole (dancing) but pole (dancing) is growing everyday more and more and we want to make it an official sport if God wishes it to happen."
    6. Various of crowds at Arnold Classic Brazil fitness fair
    7. Pan of audience watching female bodybuilders
    8. Various of female contestants on stage
    9. Woman in the audience taking picture with her phone and shouting, UPSOUND (Portuguese): "Stick your bum out!"
    10. Various of female contestants on stage
    11. Tilt up of Flavia Baraky, Brazilian bodybuilder who won the 6th place in Arnold Classic Brazil 2015 bodybuilding tournament in Wellness category
    12. SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Flavia Baraky, Brazilian bodybuilder:
    "It is the largest fitness event here in Brazil, and maybe in the world. For me it is very important to be here. I have participated in all the events that have taken place in Brazil. Last year I was a finalist. This year I started the preparation 18 weeks ahead of the event, despite having improved the category is very demanding, to be more precise I had to come here being two kilograms (4.4 pounds) lighter because now the category is going abroad and is becoming more important."
    13. Various of male bodybuilders on stage
    Brazil's largest fitness fair opened on Friday in Rio de Janeiro and is expected to attract over 8,000 athletes from around the world.
    The Arnold Classic Brazil, named after retired bodybuilder turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is expected to attend the event over the weekend, gathers professionals and amateurs of pole dancing, bodybuilding, wrestling, boxing, weightlifting among several other sports and fitness modalities.
    Competing in the pole dancing category for women over 40 was 62-year-old Mary Caryl Serritella who began practicing as an amateur five years ago.
    Now, the American pole dancer travels across the globe participating in international competitions that require flexibility, strength and rhythm.
    Brazilian pole dancer Jussara Bertolucci said she hopes pole dancing will soon be recognised as an official sport, though many are still prejudiced against it, she said.
    Meanwhile on the other side of the fair audiences cheered for male and female bodybuilders as they showed off their toned and defined muscles on stage.
    Apart from various competitions, the fair, which ends on Sunday, also showcases the latest fitness and sports nutrition products.
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