Tender Love Troi boy Dance Choreography and Free Style Raelene Pablo

  • This is something I’ve been wanting to express for a while. Growing up and adulting, a part of me came to a conclusion I needed to get dancing out of my life and focus on, “THE REAL WORLD.” But as I mentally made that decision, I felt a type of pain in my spirit. And I knew that would be the wrong move. The truth of the matter is this. Dance is the real world. It’s the realest things I’ve experienced, from people, to learning more about who I am, and having tools to express where my words lack. I’m grateful for this craft and will continue to practice it as much as physically possible. Don’t let status quotes or even your own self inflicted doubt stop you from doing what feeds your soul. Been going on a unfamiliar path in dance than what I’ve conventionally known, and loving the journey

    Category : Routine