CPFA 2018 Toronto ProShow - Pole & Hoop Competition - Lady Grace (Pentatonix, Hallelujah)

  • Amateur Division - 1stnCanadian Pole Fitness AssociationnnMusic: Hallelujah by PentatonixnVideo: Peter Yeung PhotographynnElizabeth Grace, Ultra Violet Pole Fitness Studio, Toronto, Ontario.nnElizabeth Grace is a communicator and editor of sorts by day, and pole dancer, also by day. Since pole dancing 2 years ago, she has found herself completely enamored with pole as sport, art, and exotic expression. For her, pole dancing is about self-love, discipline, healing, and continual growth. Today, she's delighted to be sharing the stage with so many other talented polers who continually inspire and challenge her to be her better dancer-self. Elizabeth would like to extend a huge thank you to all her family, friends and pole communities, particularly at Ultra Violet Pole Fitness, for their love and support.

    Category : Pole/Aerial Dance