Taki Taki Dj Snake ft Ozuna | Selena Gomez | Cardi B dance choreography

  • TAKI TAKI- DJ Snake ft Ozuna,Selena Gomez, Cardi B Dance | taki taki song dance choreographynntaki taki Dj Snake the latest trending song 2018 by Dj snake ,Selena Gomez, Ozuna Cardi Bnin this video we have make a dance choreography on taki taki lyric video.best duet dance video on taki taki song .n#takitaki song choreographed by Rahul Nayak and star cast Subhash & Rahul ,chinematography on this video goes to Kumar Saajan,THIS VIDEO IS ALL ABOUT DANCE AND ENTERTAINMENT WE HAVE NOT USE THIS SONG FOR ANY COMMERCIAL USE nTaki Taki Dj Snake Ranchi boys dance video, I hope you like the video nntaki taki dance ; nnsong : Taki Taki nMusic : dj Snake nCast : Subhash & #RahulNayaknchoreography : Rahul Nayak nD.O.P : Kumar Saajan nLocation : Church Complex ,Near Hi streat main road Ranchi. n nSong Credit :nnSong: Taki TakinArtist : #DjSnake , Ozuna, Selena Gomez, Cardi B ndirect by : Colin Tilley nnKeywords : ntaki taki song , taki taki ,taki taki dance, taki takichoreography, taki taki english song, dj snake taki taki, hip hop dance,ntaki taki dance choreography, dj snake taki taki dance cover, taki taki lyric video, dj snake new song, selena gomez new song, cardi b new song ,ntaki taki nnTHANKS FOR WATCHING MY VIDEOS LIKE | SHARE | COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL AND CLICK THE BELL ICON FOR ANY LATEST UPDATE OF MY CHANNEL nnFOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA nnFacebook link : m.facebook.com/nnInstagram link : www.instagram.com/

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