Mimi's Nutcracker - A Roblox Ballet Production - Performed by Focus Dance

  • Mimi's Nutcracker will air on December 28th at 12 pm PST (3pm EST, 8 pm GMT)nnA holiday tradition for the whole family to enjoy; the classic Nutcracker Ballet, completely adapted for Roblox and performed virtually by players from around the world! Mimi's Nutcracker features original choreography by Petipa, all new choreography by Mimi_Dev and is set to the classic musical score by Tchaikovsky! The ballet is in three acts and will run for about an hour.nnThis production is performed by members of the virtual dance studio community, Focus Dance and Gymnastics. Find us here: www.roblox.com/groups/2950934/Focus-Dance-and-GymnasticsnnSeveral dozen dancers appear in this ballet playing various roles, some roles are even played by more than one dancer. Many of these dancers practiced together while being continents apart. Their achievement is monumental and we are so proud of their hard work and dedication.nnThis production was brought to you by Dance Your Blox Off, a virtual dance competition game. Choose your costume, set the stage then compete with your very own dance routine against other players world wide! Check it out here: www.roblox.com/games/529077492/Dance-Your-Blox-OffnnBallet Synopsis:nACT 1nIt's Christmas Eve and Clara and her family have arrived at her Uncle Drosselmeyer's house to stay for the holidays. He is throwing a party for all his family and friends. During the party he gives gifts to the children, wind up dolls that dance to everyone's delight. He then presents Clara with a Nutcracker doll, which she loves and dances with throughout the evening. Jealous, her brother Fritz tries to take the doll, breaking it in the process. Drosselmeyer is able to fix the doll and returns it to Clara good as new. She dances with the doll until she becomes tired and falls asleep under the Christmas Tree.nnACT 2nClara awakens at midnight to find her Nutcracker doll missing! Suddenly the Christmas tree begins to grow... Clara is shrinking! Mice, led by their king, emerge from the shadows and attack her, but before they can catch her, the Nutcracker, enters with his army of toy soldiers. They battle the mice, but the Mouse King is strong and the Nutcracker finds himself at his mercy. Clara runs to the rescue and defeats the Mouse King. With this defeat, the spell upon the nutcracker is broken and he becomes a handsome prince.nnThe Nutcracker Prince leads Clara to the land of snow where they meet the Snow Queen and her Snowflakes. They are sent in a magical sleigh to the Sugar Plum Castle in the Land of Sweets.nnACT 3nIn honor of Clara's defeat of the Mouse King, the Sugar Plum Fairy prepares a party in her palace. All her subjects dance for Clara and the Nutcracker. To finish the night, the Sugar Plum Fairy dances with the Sugar Plum Prince in a grand pas de duex. At the end of the party, the Snow Queen arrives to send Clara home.nnClara awakens once again under the Christmas tree. It is morning now... was it all a dream? She can't find the Nutcracker anywhere! Disheartened she tells her uncle that she has lost the doll. Her Uncle tells her she hasn’t lost the doll, then proceeds to introduce Clara to his relation, a young man who looks exactly like the Nutcracker Prince. Clara is overjoyed, it wasn't a dream after all!

    Category : Classic/Stage