Choreography | SIMMBA: Mera Wala Dance | Ranveer Singh | Neha Kakkar

  • Here is a very basic dance fitness choreography. The purpose of these videos is not to show the dancing skills but to help people follow some basic steps for dance and fitness. If you can't go to a dance or a dance fitness class and you're a beginner, this channel is for you.nnLike nFollownSubscribenLove, because life is too short to criticise.nnInstagram : : to us on for n1. Dance classes in south Delhin2. Zumba classes in south delhin3. Wedding choreographiesn4. Private lessons in the following dance formsn 1. Salsan 2. Hip Hopn 3. Bollywoodn 4. Freestylen 5. Kidsn 6. Contemporaryn 7. BachatannWe also provide customised fitness sessions with self body weight training.nnCall 9899450239nnmuch lovenSTUDIO RAASnGOD BLESS ALL

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