SWITCHFOOT - LET IT HAPPEN - Official Music Video

  • We are proud to present to you, LET IT HAPPEN, the opening track off of our NEW album, NATIVE TONGUE (releasing 1.18.19)!nnTickets to The NATIVE TONGUE Tour with Colony House & Tyson Motsenbocker are on sale now at: www.SWITCHFOOT.com/tournnLYRICS:nLET IT HAPPENnThis life feels hollow and mostly borrowednThe voices are screaming but where is the meaning?nNoisy crescendos behind closed windowsnnThe floor is the ceiling nI can't find the feeling, ntell me love, tell mennAm I dreaming nAnd where is the meaning?nTell me, lovennLet it happen, let it happennTomorrow knows what tomorrow knowsnYou can't make it get here soonernLet it happen, let it happennI don't hold what the future holdsnBut I know you're my future nnThe fever is breaking, my body is achingnnWhat's worth defending if everything's ending?nnThe current is endlessnThe river relentlessnLove, tell me lovennAm I dreamingnOr what is the meaning of? nTell me love? nnTell me:nLet it happennnDirected by Paul Kerby

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