Matt Mattox Jazz Dance Choreography - Jazzart Workshop - "3+3"

  • In July 1997 Bob Boross directed the Jazzart Jazz Dance Technique and Choreography Workshop at Western Kentucky University, USA. I invited Matt Mattox to teach and set a jazz dance piece on selected dancers. I asked him to choreograph in a movement style reminiscent of his work with film choreographer Jack Cole. Mattox created the jazz dance piece "3+3" set to music by Stan Kenton. The piece was evocative of Cole's style, as visualized by Mattox.nnThis is a clip from a final rehearsal of the piece before performance on the next day. Mattox first demonstrates the visual magnetism he was looking for in the dance by describing a dance he once performed with "Lydia." He asks the dancers to run the piece one last time, and then to rest for the night, and that during the run he would "keep my big mouth shut!"nn**Subscribe to Bob Boross - My Jazz and Tap Dance Life, and click the Notifications bell to receive regular updates on newly posted jazz/tap dance videos.**

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