Miraculous Ladybug || SALSA Dance HANAMI 2018 LIVE || Shape of You

  • Hey Guys!!!:3 Just a little live performance of the choreography we did for our CMV. Well at least a part of that whole thingX'DnWe are NOT professionals:) We do this just for fun and out of love for the series ;) Thanks to all the lovely people who supported us! You are the real heroes here!nI hope you enjoy it, leave a comment :3 and if you want to follow us and stay tuned for our CMV follow us on Facebook, Instagram and of course Youtube^-^nnAAAND I just discovered a typo right at the beginningX'D So SORRY GuysX'D Never upload when you're sleep deprived and still suffering from a light heat strokeX'D So sorry again :(nHope you can still enjoy the video~nnVisit our Facebook Page to see all Pictures and Covers:nwww.facebook.com/cupcakestudios.cs/nnAlso instagram for some funny miraculous crack stuff:Dn_cupcakestudios_ngo there if u wanna see chat dance on his ownX'DnnLove to you allnxoxo nLou from Cupcake StudiosnnFilmed by lovely: nwww.youtube.com/user/KontererCleannThank you !!!nnShape of you Cover from Josè Audisio nThanks so much for letting us use your Cover!

    Category : Salsa