Noise Complaint - TV Show Mashup by Kurt Hugo Schneider - Tap Dance Choreography

  • "TV Show Mashup" is the newest video by the Cosplay Tap Dance Company, Noise Complaint!nnThis song encompasses the vibe of our 90's Cartoon Set. We had so much fun filming this video, and we hope you enjoy the extras we threw in the video!nnThanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe!nnChoreography by: Jenne VermesnnDancers Featured:nAndrea Toledo nAlex RubionAndrea HagannRebekah MoyernR.J. BrooksnLorna EdwardsnJenne VermesnHenry SteinernMilo ChristensennSean MansfieldnnMusic: "TV Show Mashup" performed by Kurt Hugo Schneider, Madilyn Bailey, & Sam Tsui . No Copyright infringement intended. Thank you for making incredible music!nHere is a link to their had a lot of fun filming this video, even though it was freezing outside the whole time, lol. We have had a lot of changes happen within the company over the last few years, and through it all we always feel that this company is a place we can call home. This video features our oldest member and our newest member on the same part at times, which is just awesome. We are so happy you all have been with us since you saw your first video or show, and we can't wait to keep bringing you more and more as we move forward. nnGet your T-Shirts and other apparel at our online designs by Jenne Vermes and Jordy DiaznnWHO/WHAT IS NOISE COMPLAINT?!nnNoise Complaint is Florida's premiere professional tap ensemble...nn... that also cosplays!nnWe perform many types of shows from one-song one-offs to full-length productions. Tap Dancers are dancers as well as musicians, and through the rhythms we create with our feet and our bodies along with some of the best music, new and old, we put together stellar performances that will have you both glued to the edge of your seat and dying to get up and dance.nnWe are available to perform anywhere in the south eastern US, and we are willing to travel further for events and conventions! If you're interested in having your minds blown with some crazy rhythms and entertaining themes, then contact us to book a show!nnFor Bookings/More Information:nEmail us at noisecomplaintlive@gmail.comnnWebsite:nwww.noisecomplaintlive.comnnFacebook:n Thanks To:nSean Paul Studios for filming/editing our videonSeanPaulStudios@gmail.comnFacebook and Instagram @SeanPaulStudios

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