LGBT Songs | Hayley Kiyoko - Feelings | Dance Choreography (2019)

  • SUBSCRIBE: Feelings – Hayley Kiyoko nAtlantic RecordsnnDance Choreography: MJ Sanchez n_____________________________________ nnHayley Kiyoko - Feelings MV: n nThis is my first time actually sharing a choreography! Not that I have a lot prepared. I just made this one last week. It is an urban / hip hop piece that I am performing. You are welcome to use this choreography as long as I am credited. It is a beginner choreography so I encourage you all to try learning it. If you need me to teach it, just comment and I'll post it as soon as I can.nnI am set to do choreographies on girls like girls songs on my channel. LGBT songs are underrated and needs to be appreciated through different interpretations. It just so happens that I am into dancing. And what's a great start if you don't have lesbian jesus as your first song. Gotta stay true to the gay culture! Also if ou want to talk girl ships, i'm your girl!nnI have always been the student and not the teacher so for the sake of growth, please bare with me. nnAnd please, send this to Hayley Kiyoko and your friends! nnENJOY! nnYou might be wodnering who my cameraman is, my older brother (JP Sanchez) had to go along with my creative gimmick. He is a manga artist! i don't know where you can find him in the internet though.nnHappy Birthday to J-Lynne Maddox! Check out her channel. I found out about her because of her MV reaction for Hayley Kiyoko’s Sleepover: nn___________________________n**Disclaimer** nnI don’t own the song, just the choreography. This video is meant for entertainment purposes only. Any benefits on this video will be going towards the copyright owner. nnBackground Music: nn___________________________________________nEquipments: n*Note that when you use these link, I will receive commissions when you get the item*nnCamera: Canon 800D - nnMonopod: Manfrotto - nnWireless Mic Set: Sennheiser - nn___________________________________n nHayley Kiyoko - Feeling Lyrics: nnThere caught up inside nnBoth happy and lonely nnKeep telling me lies nnThey're killing me slowly nnI get too attached nnthey don't even know me nnWhy can't I relax nnWhy can't I relax nnI'm sorry that I care, care nnI'm sorry that I care, care nnIt's really not that fair, fair nnI can't help but care... nnI over communicate and feel to much nnI just complicate it when I say too much nnI laugh about it, dream about that casual touch nnYour sex is fire, sick and tired of acting all tough nnI'm hooked on all these feelings nnI know exactly what I'm feeling nnThis love asylum, like an island, just me and you nn Spent the night, you got me high, what did you do? nnI'm hooked on all these feelings nn________________________________nnnEdmonton, Alberta, Canada

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