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    About This Video: Female dance solo-. The ballet is one ballet solo with beautiful music. We are ballet dancer pushing to make our dream a reality and this is ballet 364 from 365 we are so happy. we are making ballet dance performance. We will make ballet beautiful and fun, creating original ballet dance. We will make a ballet everyday for 365 days. ballet for anyone adding today a Ballet female solo, perform by ballet popular our new york city ballet -company. Our goal is to make new american ballet, like this ballerina performing a new ballet dance solo female with ballet choreography. This ballerina dance routine is a different contemporary ballet dance. the contemporary ballet dance choreography could be a ballet dance for the future. However is a ballet choreography solo. The ballet choreography is a original ballet from ballet popular the ballet chereographer worked with our principal dancer Maria kouppari to bring you autentic nyc ballet, a ballet solo using ballet choreography and ballet dancer to give us this modern ballet and we hope you like this ballet dancer solo best female ballet dancer . Love creating dance choreography everyday

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